Staff Profiles

Paula Bell MBIE

Managing Director & Embalmer

A qualified Embalmer with over 18 years experience in the funeral industry,  working in many different roles throughout her career, Paula has developed all the necessary knowledge and practices to effectively incorporate her professionalism and skill set into the development of Bellrae Mortuary Services.With strong ethics and an amazing skill set such as an Embalmer, amalgamated with strong leadership and management capabilities, Paula has earn't the respect from her peers within the funeral industry.

Lucas Bell MBIE

Mortuary Manager & Embalmer

A qualified Embalmer, Lucas began in the mortuary at 18 and qualified at 21, Lucas brings to Bellrae the passion and enthusiasm of the next generation, and with his motivation and tenacity, he has developed into being highly skilled in the art of restorative art and mortuary cosmetics.Lucas strives for perfection with every case and achieves this constantly.

Exceptional, respectful care

We provide services including the preparation of bodies, various forms of Embalming, Advanced Reconstructive Techniques and Repatriation Services

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