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Repatriation is the process of taking a loved one home to their country of origin for burial or cremation.

When a loved one passes away overseas or away from home it is hard to know what to do, Bellrae would like to make this process as simple as possible for you, helping you get your loved one from Australia back home. Bellrae has extensive experience in helping families to arrange interstate and international repatriations. We understand the costs of repatriation, repatriation documents and communications associated with repatriation can make a difficult time even more overwhelming for families. Our compassionate staff will walk you through this process, taking care of all the requirements of repatriation and ensuring a smooth, stress-free experience.

With qualified embalmers and experienced staff onsite to accommodate and assist in any way possible, your loved one has now become our priority. Repatriation can take time as all relevant documentation needs to be procured and lodged prior to receiving a flight confirmation. Requirements will differ with each country. Whilst this is all taking place, we are caring for your loved one. Ensure that everything possible is being done to ensure a positive viewing here and on their return home.

We offer a lounge and viewing area with amenities and a kitchenette for you and your family and friends to spend time with your loved ones prior to travel. We like to encourage the viewing of your loved one to family and friends and offer a space to come and say goodbye, hopefully relieving some stress that comes with this difficult and heartbreaking time. If requested, we can facilitate a memorial service on the premises, or just come to a comfortable environment with family and friends before travelling home.

Requirements for repatriation:

As required by the International Air Freight Regulations. When repatriating your loved one back home, some practices and procedures must take place. Anyone being repatriated back home must be embalmed.

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We provide services including the preparation of bodies, various forms of Embalming, Advanced Reconstructive Techniques and Repatriation Services

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