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At Bellrae there will always be a qualified Embalmer on site to help you determine the level of care required to meet your family’s needs.

Our Embalmers are fully qualified and highly trained in all aspects of Embalming. We offer all levels of care, from basic body preparation to restorative art and reconstruction techniques.

Each service caters to the specific, individual requirements of the deceased, dependent on the body’s condition, timelines to be adhered to and viewing requirements.

We understand that care requirements are different in every case and we take great pride in being able to meet each families needs. Bellrae encourages active communication with all funeral directors beginning at the first call and continuing until the process has come to its completion.

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Exceptional, respectful care

We provide services including the preparation of bodies, various forms of Embalming, Advanced Reconstructive Techniques and Repatriation Services

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